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I'm a developer
What jobs are on this site?
To post a job on this site, a requirement is that the company must use already use Next.js in their tech stack or plan on exploring it.
What do these job posts look like?
Here's a link to the first edition.
Can I get email updates when a new job is posted?
Each week, any new approved jobs will be sent to you on Tuesday. Sign up below to get new job posts in your inbox.
I work somewhere that uses Next.js and is hiring. Can I submit a job?
Heck yes! Thanks for contributing. I hope we can help you fill your role with a great candidate that knows Next.js.
Is this officially affiliated with Next.js or Vercel?
No. This job board is the side project of a passionate Next.js dev trying to help other Next.js devs. The official Next.js job channel can be found in the public Next.js Discord server.
Is this free?
Yep! Job seekers will always have free access to these posts.

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